Lower Merion, PA- January 13, 2023 – Senator Amanda M. Cappelletti and Representative Mary Jo Daley released the following joint statement in response to the incident in Lower Merion over the weekend:

“Like everyone, we were disturbed and dismayed to see the video of the recent traffic stop involving our Lower Merion Police Department, because we know this was not the result anyone wanted. This shouldn’t have happened, and it should never happen again. People traveling in or through our community – resident or non-resident – should feel they can trust our law enforcement officers, and our law enforcement officers know how vital it is for the people to be able to trust them, so this incident is detrimental to us all. Lower Merion law enforcement needs to have the right training and resources to ensure that de-escalation is the goal whenever possible. We will work with our township and county officials to make sure the state is doing everything possible to make sure this never happens again.”