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I often receive calls regarding employment resources. Fortunately, there are many options available to Pennsylvanians pursuing career options.

Check out some resources below!


Summer Maintenance Program with PennDOT:

PennDOT will sponsor a limited Summer Maintenance Program (SMP) for college students this year. The program runs May through August to supplement the permanent workforce. Given the Covid 19 pandemic, this program will be scaled back in terms of total numbers from previous years. In addition, any selected candidate will be required to abide by and follow all Covid protocols currently set forth by the administration and in adherence with CDC guidelines. These students assist in completing summer maintenance work and sign upgrade services, provide maintenance and custodial services at roadside rest facilities, and perform laboring and flagging duties in maintenance organizations and highway worksites.

To be eligible for consideration, candidates must be eighteen years of age, enrolled full-time in college for the next semester, and have a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License. The hourly rate is $14.25.

Please reach out to our office if you are interested in being considered by phone at 610-768-4200 or by email at cappelletti@pasenate.com

Our office must make recommendations by Friday, March 12th. So please reach out sooner rather than later!

Interested applicants can also apply online to the PennDOT College Student Summer Worker 2021 posting at www.employment.pa.gov under the “Open Jobs” section of the website.

All recommended candidates, including those previously employed by PennDOT, must complete the online application to be considered for employment. These interns perform a very important public safety function. We want to ensure that PennDOT has sufficient time to process, evaluate and recruit candidates for this program. No positions will be left open for recommended candidates after March 12th. Due to the online application process, there is no need to submit additional paperwork.