Health Care

Healthcare is a right and as your state senator, Amanda will fight to protect that right.

Pennsylvania has made strides by expanding Medicaid, but there is more that can be done. The waiver process can be streamlined to reduce wait times and legislation can be passed to enshrine essential Affordable Care Act protections into state law: protecting individuals with pre-existing conditions, requiring essential health benefits coverage, and more. Regardless of what happens in our nation’s capital, we must protect our basic human right to healthcare here in Pennsylvania.

Protecting the right to healthcare also means ensuring that quality healthcare is affordable. Opening a state-based insurance exchange is one step toward that goal. Another step is to address surprise balance billing. It is time for the legislature to come together and protect the citizens of Pennsylvania from this patently unfair business practice. Seeing a doctor, having a child, or a medical emergency should not bankrupt you.

Healthcare is also more than just physical health. Mental health is critical to overall health and well-being. Stigma can create barriers and prevent people from seeking the treatment they need, especially those suffering from addiction. Amanda will work to help break the stigma and pass legislation to reduce barriers and make access to mental health treatment more accessible.