NORRISTOWN, PA −  April 7, 2021 − Senator Amanda M. Cappelletti (D- Montgomery, Delaware County) announced today that she has joined the civic engagement platform “Be the Change.” The free web platform and app is the only nonpartisan civic action platform that connects Pennsylvanians to the General Assembly to provide legislative input and makes it easier to keep track of legislation coming out of Harrisburg. It’s easier understood as the “Nextdoor for state government.”

“I’m excited to take this step towards transparency and effective communication by joining Be the Change. This platform allows for constituents to bring their concerns directly to me and my office so we can provide real time feedback to community and legislative concerns,” said Senator Cappelletti. 

On Be the Change, participants write a description of a civic-minded idea or provide legislative feedback with the option to include a photo or share anonymously, then post it to the “Community Causes” page. Other users in your neighborhood can upvote and downvote the post, but only legislators can reply. Constituents can quickly share details on legislation, air quality, public transportation, COVID-19 and much more. 

Bhavini Patel, cofounder and CEO of Be the Change, said the app was created to be make legislative advocacy more accessible, foster civic dialogue and to help build a welcoming community for all. 

“Building a healthy and informed democracy requires consistent effort,” Patel said. “I’m thrilled Senator Cappelletti is joining Be the Change and championing increased accessibility and engagement with state government across Pennsylvania.” 

Create a free account by downloading Be the Change from the Apple Store or create an account by visiting today! The Android app will be launching in 2021.