Ardmore, PA January 19, 2024 – Senator Amanda M. Cappelletti (D Montgomery/Delaware) today highlighted a grant awarded for $21,000 to the Township of Lower Merion. The funding will go towards the purchase of four Class 1 electric vehicle (EV) passenger vehicles and one Class 2 EV light duty truck for use by Township code inspectors and parking attendants.

The grant was awarded through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), which has awarded more than $1.28 million in 2023 Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant (AFIG) funding to municipalities and businesses to improve air quality in communities through cleaner fuel transportation infrastructure.

“Investing in our sustainable transportation options is one of the many steps that Pennsylvania is taking to tackle climate change,” said Senator Cappelletti. “Transitioning to more sustainable options in all parts of our infrastructure will be crucial to protect our environment and public health for the next generation. I’m thrilled to see this investment that will further Lower Merion’s commitment to a greener, cleaner future for the region.” 

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