Norristown, PAJune 14, 2024 – Senator Amanda M. Cappelletti (D-17 Montgomery/Delaware) today announced $1,511,079 in grant funding from the Pennsylvanian Commission on Crime & Delinquency (PCCD) awarded to District Seventeen.

Established by law in 1978, the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) serves as the justice planning and policymaking agency for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. By bringing together a wide range of experts in the fields of criminal and juvenile justice, victim services, and related professions, PCCD coordinates the collective examination of problems, proposes solutions, and evaluates the impact of those solutions.

“This funding will be crucial to providing the residents of our region with the services they deserve,” said Senator Cappelletti. “I’m especially proud of the indigent defense grants awarded to both Montgomery and Delaware Counties, because I know our public defenders are invaluable to our communities and deserve state resources to aid them as they represent the most vulnerable of us.”

The commission allocates funding to organizations that demonstrate a strong commitment to the agency’s mission and priorities. On Wednesday, PCCD approved funding from a variety of grant programs, including the State FY 2023-24 Indigent Defense Grant Funds, State Endowment Act Funds, Intermediate Punishment Treatment Funds, and State Substance Abuse Education and Demand Reduction (SAEDR) Funds.

Funding awarded to District 17 is as follows:

State FY 2023-24 Indigent Defense Grant Funds:

  • Delaware County Executive Director awarded $106,499.
  • Montgomery County Commissioners awarded $111,833.

State Endowment Act Funds:

  • Child Advocacy Center of Montgomery County awarded $100,000 for expanding access to Spanish speaking clients.
  • Family Support Line of Delaware County awarded $100,000 for integrating mental health services.

Intermediate Punishment Treatment Funds:

  • Delaware County Executive Director awarded $555,000 for the County Intermediate Punishment Treatment Program in 2024-2025.
  • Montgomery County Commissioners awarded $287,747 for the county RCP Supervision and Treatment Program.

State Substance Abuse Education and Demand Reduction (SAEDR) Funds:

  • The Lincoln Center for Family and Youth, which serves Delaware and Chester counties, awarded $250,000 for their 2024 The Lincoln Center’s Seeking Safety Expansion.

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