Demócratas del Senado de PA



Clean Air, Water, Energy

Climate change is a top existential crisis the world is currently facing. A clean energy future is necessary to provide the commonwealth’s workers and residents with family-sustaining jobs, renewable and reliable energy, and a healthy, sustainable existence. PA Senate Dems are supporting policies that focus on transitioning workers and communities to emerging energy jobs, working with our labor leaders to forge a path to this future, and ensuring environmental justice is achieved equitably in all communities.

  • Expand the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS) to require higher levels of renewable, green energy development
  • Work with labor leaders and workers to move clean and green energy economy forward to provide good paying, family sustaining jobs
  • Incentivize net-zero carbon emissions by adopting carbon sequestration programs and other carbon offset opportunities.
  • Prioritize infrastructure investments that utilize green technologies, clean and green building techniques and materials, and that funds public transit improvements in our cities and rural areas that will continue to have positive impacts on our climate for generations
  • We must find ways to make electric vehicles more affordable, including large fleet vehicles and to provide incentives for more drivers
  • Invest in infrastructure and building standards improvements that prioritize public health and safety
  • Toxic school buildings are a threat to the health and safety of our students and teachers. The ramifications of lead and mold exposure have a direct impact on students’ ability to learn. Substandard heating and cooling systems add additional stress to working environments. We must ensure that our public school buildings do not distract from the education of our students, nor put them or our public employees in harm’s way.
  • Energy efficiency, particularly in building standards and infrastructure, should be given additional consideration and investment
  • Protect our air and water from pollution to keep all Pennsylvanians healthy