Citaciones del Senado

My office is happy to send Senate Citations to constituents who are interested in receiving acknowledgement for accomplishments, recent awards, and special occasions.

Senate Citations are requested for constituents or organizations who have reached a significant personal or professional milestone. Also, citations can be requested for Girl and Boy Scouts who will be awarded with the Gold Award or Eagle Scout designation.

If you would like to obtain a congratulatory, retirement, anniversary, condolence, or birthday citation from my office, please use the form below.

You may also contact my office by phone at (717) 787-5544. Please have the following information available when you contact my office:

  • Name of the person or organization being recognized
  • Mailing address where the letter should be sent
  • Reason for citation, i.e., birthday, anniversary, scout or team recognition
  • Date of event
  • Deadline for the request
  • Contact name and phone number

Please provide a minimum of 3 weeks notification prior to the deadline for your request.

Citation Request

Contact Person Information


Information of person or organization to be recognized

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Citation Information

(provide which birthday, i.e. 50th, etc., along with information on children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, where couple resides, site/date of marriage, married by (name of clergy), maiden name)
(provide team name, roster, specific accomplishment, coach, school district, school name)
(provide which birthday, i.e. 75th, etc., birth place, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, spouse)
(provide name, date of birth, date of death)
(provide troop number, gold star award, troop location, leadership positions, parents names)
(provide troop number, Eagle Scout Project, troop location, leadership positions, parents names)
(provide years of employment, company/employer, location, special accomplishments/achievements)
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